Guy Lévesque, formerly of Jean-Paul Lévesque fur inc. is a craftsman of fur for over 26 years. Mr. Levesque assured the continuity of the business after his father Jean-Paul and his grandfather Joseph who founded the company in 1920.

You can rely on the experience gained from generations of excellence and reliability to help you.


Jean Seguin, formerly of Seguin Furs, is a craftsman who loves his profession and brings to the Atelier de fourrure Lévesque & Séguin forty five years of experience in the fur industry.

ur store
gives us a showroom accessible and visible, overlooking the St. Joseph Boulevard (corner of Gamelin), where you can see our beautiful collections of fur, leather, wool coats etc...

The vault, temperature and humidity controlled, on-site and accessible at all times, is another benefit for our customers.

We will continue the tradition of excellence and reliability that have been established for so long by the founders of these two businesses in the Outaouais. We invite you to come meet us and visit our store.